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choosing a commercial game engine

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Hello all, I am in the process of getting funding for a new game studio start-up. I have decided to go with a commercial Game Engine for our first game. We need to select an engine to present as part of our cost justification to the investor. I have been looking at a few of the game engines but I am really having a hard time differentiating those available. I am trying to look at the list of games made with these engines to get an idea of what they can do but this says nothing about application integration and programming ease. Are their any good resources for comparing game engines? Has anyone had experience with a particular game engine they really liked? I like Netimmerse, but it does''nt seem cutting edge enough to make "tomorrow''s games". Lithtech Jupiter looks real purdy but the price tag is huge and I am a little skeptical of Lithtech''s past. Any info or comments welcom. - DNAboy

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what engine you select should really be determined more by what kind of game you are making, and also the ''coding styles'' of your team, as well as how much time and money you want to invest tweaking the engine.

by coding styles i mean more generally the type of architecture your team would like to/is comfortable working with. some engines are more object oriented and abstract than others (like unreal from what i know), for example. if you are making a very object dense game like deus ex, and oo engine would seem the obvious choice. if you are making a game with lots of intended environmental interaction, crawl on your knees to volition and beg for geo-mod . if your investors are cheap, go for the tribes 2 engine; i think you can get it for $100 (some strings attached though). the list goes on and on...

unfortunately (for you) i don''t really have much knowledge about the actual engines themselves, how they work, what features, etc. i can only suggest some considerations (albeit ones you probably already looked at) that may point you in the right direction.


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