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basic game engine concept

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i just wonder with the different APIs available like Directx or Opengl which can do all the work right from defining points to rendering complex scenes, where does the "game engine" fit in? what tasks should it handle? what tasks should the game handle and what tasks should be left for the API? i have some knowledge about opengl but in bits and pieces. What i need are sites where everything about the Opengl and the math behind 3d is explained in detail and when i say !! EVERYTHING !! i mean it. Also any inspirational opensource engines out there which will get me started ??

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Try looking at the Genesis3D engine. (www.genesis3d.com) it is now dead, but a lot of what you are looking for is there if you are willing to dig through the code. look into NeHe''s tutorials, too, they are great and there is a lot of very usefull stuff there.

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Game engine handles stuff such as:

Loading models/levels/graphics/sounds
Controlling the graphics output
Controlling the sound output
Load/Save games
Keyboard/mouse/etc Input
Memory management

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