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SDL & Classes problems...

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Hey all, anybody here had any problems with SDL_Surface pointers when encapsulating SDL in classes?? Here''s a piece of code:
int HSSprite::draw( HSSurface screen )
   SDL_Surface *tmpSurface = screen.getSurface();
   SDL_Rect    tmpRect = screen.getRect();

   screen.changeRectW( image->w );
	screen.changeRectH( image->h );

   // **

   // ** Palettized screen modes will have a default palette (a standard

   // ** 8*8*4 colour cube), but if the image is palettized as well we can

   // ** use that palette for a nicer colour matching

   // **

   if ( image->format->palette && tmpSurface->format->palette )//screen.getSurface()->format->palette )

	   SDL_SetColors( tmpSurface, image->format->palette->colors, 0,
                     image->format->palette->ncolors );

   // ** Blit onto the screen surface   

   if( SDL_BlitSurface( image, NULL, tmpSurface, &tmpRect ) < 0 )//&(screen.getRect()) ) < 0 )

       fprintf( stderr, "BlitSurface error: %s\n", SDL_GetError() );

   // ** Update modified rectangles

   SDL_UpdateRect( tmpSurface, 0, 0, image->w, image->h );

   return( 1 );
Now, the problem is, that function works fine the first time the program calls it, the second time it gives me this in the stderr.txt file: Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed) Can anybody see anything wrong in my this function? I''ve been trying to debug this code for 3 days now and can''t seem to figure out what''s wrong... I know that the error occurs somewhere in the SDL_BlitSurface function but I can''t seem to put my hand on what the exact problem is. Just so you know, HSSurface is simply an SDL_Surface *surface and an SDL_Rect rect. I encapsulated them in classes... "And that''s the bottom line cause I said so!" ** I WANT TO BE THE MODERATOR FOR THE LINUX FORUM ** Cyberdrek Headhunter Soft A division of DLC Multimedia
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