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Phil Parker

3D lighting effect

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Phil Parker    122
I have a text logo which needs a light behind it that pans round left to right. The rays of light are visible in the gaps of the text, and above/below it also. It''s quite a cinematic effect I want to achieve, but I am using Flash, and it must be a small file size. I am trying to achieve the effect in 3DSMax, but am having trouble getting the rays of light to show up. Any help would be appreciated, Phil Parker

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Babm    122

Try the Volumetric Lighting in the 'Environment' section.
I believe it's under the button called 'Add Effect' or something like that, I can't be sure because I don't have MAX from where I'm typing this post :-)
You can pick the light you wish to put the effect on from your scene.
I think you'll get the best result with a target spot behind your text, but you'll have to decide that for yourself.
The 'density' value shouldn't be set too high, because then your light will be very foggy.
I hope this helps :-)


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