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DPLAY isn't easy!

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Hi Poeple! I begann just a few months ago to program with DPLAY8. I saw the Networkexamples from MicroSoft. And... No idea! Sorry! Yes I undesratdn the theory and so on... But the code of for example... ChatPeer...! There is written that you could the netconnect.h and netconnect.cpp file to you own program. Ok... i tried it... Please... Do you know any good site or code to explain (easy!) this DPLAY-history! I''m programming a game in DX. (and it works fine!) But now it should be good if my program could send Informations to other players. Probably someone out there has time to explain the firsts steps to begin with DPLAY. Thanks out there and: Have a lot of fun! C.Ruiz(16) P.S.: Hope you understand my english!

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I would personally recommend a good book.

Though DPlay is not really that difficult, IMO, it does require that you have a basic understanding of different types of sockets, different protocols, different network setups and so forth. A good book can walk you through all of that.

One book I know of that has very basic coverage of that topic is Game Programming with DirectX, by Jason Kolb (Waite Group Press).

It is about $60 CDN.

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Try here: www.lostlogic.com. Buy the book from the link.

The book, "Multiplayer Game Programming" (or something) is really excellent. Actually, DPlay8 (at least Peer-to-Peer games) are not really that hard. It all revolves round a simple event handler, really. Easy!

Good luck,


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