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Confused about D3D's lighting model

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Original post by eng3d
.. and Phong. When?

By Phong I assume you mean Phong Shading. Phong Illumination has been in D3D for years.

Phong Shading is already possible. Use pixel shaders, there are samples on the relevent IHV websites. Better methods are also possible with pixel shaders.

Simple implementations of Phong Shading are even possible without pixel shaders using the DOTPRODUCT3 per pixel operation. i.e. you put the normals in as vertex colours (3 dimensional vectors = xyz==rgb) so that they get iterated across the face of the polygon. The light vector is passed in a constant such as TFACTOR and the DOTPRODUCT3 operation (L.N) takes place for ever pixel.

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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