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Textures and 12 months

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dachande    162
Hey, I have just a few questions for you. How many of you write your games keeping the texture limit to 256x256 to support older video cards? How many of you have cards that only support 256x256 textures? How do you think the situation of these 2 questions will have changed in 12 months time? I look forward to receiving feedback on thism Thanks, Dachande

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Drizzt DoUrden    100
Well, I don''t think I have ever even loaded a 256 x 256 bitmap. 32 x 32, 64 x 64, and then a few backgrounds ( 640 x 480 is usually the maximum ).

I don''t usually worry about supporting older video cards, because all of my hardware is about as bad as it gets nowadays, so if it works on my computer, it works everywhere.


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