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does anybody know if DX does SetIndices optimization?

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I currently have one big index buffer for all my models... Will anything slow down if I call.. SetIndices(ib, index); multiple times with the same ib (index buffer)? I seem to be constantly changing the index variable while keeping the same ib. Does this effect performance in any way? Does DX do optimizations for this? also... DrawIndexedPrimitive(type, startVertex, numberOfVertices, indexStart, primativeCount); it seems like startVertex and numberOfVertices don't really work.. I've tried mixing and matching and everything, but they don't seem to have an effect on rendering... Ideally, I would not call SetIndices(ib, index) multiple times and just set the startVertex and numberOfVertices every rendering pass... Are startVertex and numberOfVertices used that way? What is a quick way of jumping around the index buffer? I seemed to be comfused about how setIndices() and DrawIndexPrimatives work... I've checked Microsoft docs and I can't seem to find anything useful... Edited by - dynamicman on December 14, 2001 10:41:02 PM

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