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DD7 Color Fills

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I know these are really easy to do, but everytime i try and do a color fill, all i end up with is garbage on my screen (a bunch of random lines with weird random colors). here is my Render() function, which is called in the main loop of the program: int Render() { DDBLTFX fx; INIT_DXSTRUCT(fx); fx.dwFillColor = 0; lpddsBack->Blt(NULL, NULL, NULL, DDBLT_WAIT | DDBLT_COLORFILL, &fx); lpddsPrimary->Blt(NULL, lpddsBack, NULL, DDBLT_WAIT, NULL); return (TRUE); } what am i dong wrong? ps: INIT_DXSTRUCT is a macro: #define INIT_DXSTRUCT(dxs) { ZeroMemory(&dxs, sizeof(dxs)); ddsd.dwSize = sizeof(dxs); }

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