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Visual Basic help needed

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I find VB incredibly boring but I''m only learning it cause I have to. Is it possible to make games using DirectX in VB? t would make it more interesting. Or make extensions of programs using C++? Anyway I''m still learning so here''s some questions: 1-How do I use the timer control to control something like the intervals between a traffic light change? I set the intervals to 1000 milliseconds then I tried select case timer.index case 0 to 10 ... case 10 to 20 ... end select but it returns an error. Couldn''t find any other properties of timer I could use. 2-How do I do word wrap in my text boxes? It sounds simple but I can''t find a wordwrap property anywhere. 3-How do I use the clipboard, so I can make a simple text editor with cut and paste command buttons? 4-Next year (when I''ll know more about VB) we have to do a major project. Any ideas of something fun I could do? Thanks.

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Yes, it is possible to make games using DirectX in VB. i dont really know how to myself.

1. Why the hell are you using timer.index??? timer doesnt have an index unless its part of a group of controls...
just change the traffic light whenever there is a "timer_timer" event - thats how a timer works!

2. Try using "MultiLine". and there really is no Wordwrap property.

3. Use Clipboard.Whatever

4. Think of something yourself... a game in DirectX maybe?

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WOW !! ! !!
try reading ur VB book
(just a little, so that u know what a control index is!)

what are u doing with the timer index?! do u plan to write a select case to handle case 1000000000 to 1000000010 ?! (not that it''d accomplish anything...)

really, read the vb book just a tad.

a Major VB Project?

although direct x is a route, i dont think it demonstrates VB understanding too well.

try making ur own text-editor (like rtf) using usercontrols and api/gdi. if you can do that, then you can probably do anything in VB.

and then, once you have your own text user control, try implimenting it in a scriptor/compiler, where you would have multicolored text, fonts, maybe even graphics like lines or boxes.

use the script generated to power some AI for a game (in direct X, of course).

if you dont get an A++, then ur teacher is expecting c++, not VB.
(you have read the class sylubus right?)

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