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Hi all, I''m looking for someone who''s got some code done on flexible vertex formats. What I essentially want is a D3DTLVERTEX with more than one set of texture coordinates hooked to it. Does anyone have a scrap of code that they could send me? I''m using execute buffers, and my code is something like this: LPD3DLVERTEX->dcX=xpos; LPD3DLVERTEX->dcY=ypos; LPD3DLVERTEX->dcZ=zpos; LPD3DLVERTEX->dcColor=whatevercolor; LPD3DLVERTEX->dcSpecular=whatever; LPD3DLVERTEX->dvTU=textureucoord; LPD3DLVERTEX->dvTV=texturevcoord; Then I reference it with a triangle call something like this: LPTRIANGLE->wV1=thevertexabove; LPTRIANGLE->wV2=someothervertex; LPTRIANGLE->wV3=yetathirdvertex; How can I set that first part to dump up to 8 uv coords into the TU/TV area, and how can I reference a particular texture coordinate when I dump the triangle? Assistance! Assistance!

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