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Pointer to Member-function...

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hello, I want to have a function-pointer to a funtion that is defined in a class: class a { private: LRESULT CALLBACK InternalMainWndProc( HWND hWnd, unsigned uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam ); }; I can''t compile it when i want to set set to function pointer, the copmpiler says he can''t convert the types, but i don''t want to use a static funtion, because and the instances of the class would all have the same statuic function, right? Does see anyone another way do solve this ?

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As you can see, this topic has been covered a ton of times. GameDev has a search tool exactly for this reason; it''s located in the upper-right corner just under the "GDSE" link, in between "faq" and "login." I got the above results by using the terms "window handler class."

Pointers to member functions, C++ FAQ Lite

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Thanks to Kylotan for the idea!

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