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Dr Pain

pure procedural texture

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I need to make a pure procedural texture (not loading from a file). Referring to the code below, if I use the PR_LoadTexture section, everything works. If I use the PR_AddTexture32D3D section, all I get is a black screen (the CreateTexture call locks the image and paints on it). I looked at LS_InitializeTerrainMaterials() for clues, but saw nothing. What am I missing??
   PR_MATERIAL       textureMaterial;
   char              name[30];
   unsigned char *   textureData;

   PR_SetTextureStage (0);
   textureData = (unsigned char *)PR_malloc (texturePatchWidth * texturePatchWidth * sizeof (PR_UDWORD));  
#if 0
   sprintf (name, "tile%i", patchIndex);
   terrainTexture = PR_AddTexture32D3D(name, (unsigned char *)textureData, texturePatchWidth, texturePatchWidth);
   strcpy(name, "T_00_00.tga");
   terrainTexture = PR_LoadTexture(name);
   PR_SetMaterialName(&textureMaterial, name);
   PR_SetMaterialMethod(&textureMaterial, 72);
   PR_SetMaterialColor(&textureMaterial, 255, 255, 255);
   PR_SetMaterialTexture(&textureMaterial, terrainTexture);
   PR_SetMaterialEnvironmentMap(&textureMaterial, 0);
   PR_SetMaterialAlpha(&textureMaterial, 255);
   PR_SetMaterialMethod(&textureMaterial, T_TEXTURED);
   PR_SetMaterialColor(&textureMaterial, 255, 255, 255);
   PR_SetMaterialAlpha(&textureMaterial, 255);
   PR_SetMaterialSpecular(&textureMaterial, 0, 0, 0, 0);
   terrainMaterial = PR_AddMaterial(&textureMaterial);


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I don''t know if this is the problem but you should always memset the material to 0 before using it. There might be some bad values in the structure that are preventing the materials from doing what you expect.

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I think I''ve found the problem, I had to add the line:

PR_Globals.PR_Materials[terrainMaterial].texture_number[0] = terrainTexture;

I would have thought that the PR_SetMaterialTexture call would have taken care of that. Things that make you go hmmmm....

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