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Okay. I have a little dx demo set up, and I use the following call if( NULL == ( m_d3d = Direct3DCreate8( D3D_SDK_VERSION ) ) ) { return (-3); } It works just fine on my computer. However, trying to run the same application on almost any other computer yields this call failing. Why? Any ideas? -Vulcan

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Guest Anonymous Poster
that last post is a heap of crap, it won''t make any difference because the problem is that the D3D object won''t create.

the DX8 sdk says:

"The D3D_SDK_VERSION identifier is passed to Direct3DCreate8 in order to ensure that an application was built against the correct header files. This value is incremented whenever a header or other change would require applications to be rebuilt. If the version does not match, Direct3DCreate8 will fail."

So what i would guess is happening is the other computers have a lower directx version than what you compiled it with.
(8.0 instead of 8.1?)

other that that theres not much info on why Create would fail, so I hope thats all. Good luck


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