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i don't understand!!

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Hi, I just got a new video card and put it in my computer. I also upgraded to directx 8 from the cd that came with it. My retail games look fine, but when I tried running the game that I am trying to create, my sprite is messed up. It has an outline arround it of the color that''s supposed to be transparent. This isn''t the best picture, but what has happened is the dark red color that''s supposed to be the transparent is outlining my little man. it doesn''t seem to be doing that to any of my tiles in the game. It is also doing that with another program that I wrote while trying to learn direct draw. It is taking the outline of the bitmap and blitting it for some reason I am assuming that my code isn''t very cross compatable but I''m not sure what''s wrong. Does anyone know any reason why this might happen? If you need to know what the video cards were or to see my code I can do that, but i''m not sure what''s relivent. If anyone has an idea about what might be causing this to happen please tell me. I am using Blt() with keysrc or whatever to do transparency. Thanks for any help

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Interesting....POSSIBLE REASONS:

-Video Card
-Current Virtual processing speed (might be too fast/slow)

-Coding error:
>-Slow refresh rate
>-Unsupported images
>-Unsupported coding procedures by compiler

A few things you could do before taking your code apart:
-Try in on another computer
-Try it with another Video Card
-Try another compiler

Try those things: maybe you are overlooking something very simple

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Guest Anonymous Poster
The problem might be in your image, not in your video card. Try to change the transparent color to black. I''ve got the same problem with Photoshop before, because anti-aliasing was turned on when I was drawing my sprite (just in the case you don''t know, anti-aliasing blends the border pixels of the image with the background to reduce the aliasing effect, but it can produce such glowing edges when the sprite is drawn transparently). When I changed the transparent color to black that solved my problem.

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