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Check out my games !!!!!!

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sewerrat    122
Hey !! I just graduated from FullSail and I have put all of the games I made on my website. I would sure appreciate some feedback on any of them. They all run great on my computer, but beyond that I haven''t been able to test them very much. Please ask me questions and please give me any and all comments and/or criticism. Thanks !!!

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Oluseyi    2115
Took a look at the movie of your artifact demo - pretty nice. I particularly liked the musical puzzle (good move making it color-coded, though!) Didn''t and wont download the demo though, because I just don''t have the time

Pros: Apparently solid framerate, decent geometry, pretty nice effects (particles, particles, particles). Really cool musical door-lock puzzle.

Cons: Programmer art; cheezy sound effects.

The cons don''t matter though, since you''re independent and it was a demo completed in just 2 months.

Overall: Impressive. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks to Kylotan for the idea!

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