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converting Borland header to VC++ header

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I have a header file that came with a book I rented from the library, so I don''t the name of, but it had a file called "conio.h", wich I already have for VC++ 6.0, but when I try to use the functions in it, It gives me the error: link error: .. unresolved external _puttext ... Basicaly, It can''t find the implimentation for the function "puttext" because, the implimentation is not in the header file. Implimentations are not in my other conio.h file, but those functions still work why is this? There are functions for moving the cursor in DOS mode, and placing text at location x, y in DOS mode which my other conio doesn''t have. If there are any functions that come with VC++ 6.0 that do this, I would be just as happy. Also I don''t have windows running. Just DOS. Thanx for the help Zach Dwiel

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Implementations (generally) are not in .h files, only declarations are in .h files, so copying over some extra declarations wouldn''t help you any.

Borland has a bunch of non-standard stuff in their conio.h file, that Visual C does not contain. Since Dos console manipulation is going to be non-standard, then you just have to figure out what methods your current compiler libraries have for that sort of stuff. For Visual C, I believe you need to look up AllocConsole and that family of functions.


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