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Can anyone tell me if there is anything wrong with this function? The bitmap never shows up on the surface. You can download the entire cpp file here. All this file is supposed to do is load a 128x128 bitmap of a penguin onto the test surface, blit the test surface to the back buffer, and then flip the primary surface with the backbuffer. The image however, never loads, and I don't know why. Please help me as this has been screwing with my head, and I must figure out why it's not working. Thanks, Niki

//					                //

//	Loads a bitmap file into the surface	        //

// 'image' from a file with the name		        //

//	'fname' which is 'width' and 'height'	        //

//	in dimension.				        //

//						        //

int Load_Bitmap(LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7 image,	        //

			   char *fname,		        //

			   int width, int height)/////////

	DDSURFACEDESC2 ddsd;	// ddraw surface description

	HDC		hdc, hdcimage;	// device context of the surface and image

	BITMAP	bitmap;		// bitmap object

	HBITMAP hbitmap;	// handle to the bitmap

	// clear the ddsd struct of garbage

	memset(&ddsd, 0, sizeof(ddsd));

	// fill in the description structure

	ddsd.dwSize = sizeof(ddsd);								// size of the struct

	ddsd.dwFlags = DDSD_CAPS | DDSD_WIDTH | DDSD_HEIGHT;	// flags

	ddsd.ddsCaps.dwCaps = DDSCAPS_OFFSCREENPLAIN;			// surface is off screen

	ddsd.dwWidth = width;									// width of surface

	ddsd.dwHeight = height;									// height of surface

	// create the surface

	if(lpdd->CreateSurface(&ddsd, &image, NULL)!=DD_OK)

	// load the bitmap and get the object

	hbitmap = (HBITMAP)LoadImage(NULL, fname, IMAGE_BITMAP, width, height,
	hdcimage = CreateCompatibleDC(NULL);
	SelectObject(hdcimage, hbitmap);
	GetObject(hbitmap, sizeof(BITMAP), &bitmap);

	// copy the bitmap to the surface

	BitBlt(hdc, 0, 0, width, height, hdcimage, 0, 0, SRCCOPY);
	// release the device context and destroy the image device context

}	// end Load_Image()

-Yoshi XGXCX ''99 Edited by - YoshiN on December 17, 2001 11:12:23 PM

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This what I can see for the time I have.
what is &image. ?
If you blit to off-screen surface, your immage will not become visible. You must blit into a primary surface (or back-buffer)

Mission 1 is complete we tought our children how to hate. Mission 2, the off switch does not work !!!

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&image is the ddraw surface. I am blitting it to an offscreen surface, however, in the entire program which I uploaded to my server, it then blits that surface to the backbuffer, and then flips the surfaces.

Oh yeah, I have also included ddraw.lib and xguid.lib to the project, so it's not that.

XGXCX ''99

Edited by - YoshiN on December 18, 2001 12:41:05 PM

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