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High Level Engine Entities visibility question

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Amadrias    122
Hi chris, I was just wondering if it was possible to make such a difference between terrain and environment clipping and entities clipping ?... I am using a terrain that is quite huge and I''d like to post forests and a lot of other objects on it. My problem is that when I do that on LS studio, I got a really bad frame rate which is normal as it is being rendered... Is that possible ? Can I do it my self such as I pass entitynodes in a function that checks their location against the camera and returns the flag they should be getting ? Amadrias

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ChrisE    184
How many objects approximately? I''ve tested up to 3000 trees with pretty good frame rates. This is using the latest build that adds quadtree visilibity culling for entities.

There is a function in the high level source that checks if the entity is within the 2D visibility range and sets a flag. You could add more to this.

Other optimizations are possible:
- Use the TREES rendering method for leaves. This lets you draw trees using the D3D pipeline without sorting
- Make sure the D3D pipeline is turned on for all objects
- Use the LOD switching feature (ie trees can become billboards when far away)

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