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Free (legal) sounds

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Hiyas, I''ve nearly finished making a freeware game. I tried making my own sounds for the game, but they sucked. Banging a mic on a desk does NOT produce a decent gun ''bang'' sound, even after trying to edit it. =) I''m considering buying some sound library CDs, but I''d prefer to just use some WAV files. Why? The only place I know of where I could buy sound library CDs is from Amazon. It''d take a couple of weeks to ship here (to Australia), and I''m on a tight schedule - I simply cannot wait. Does anyone know where I can download some free warfare sounds (guns, explosions, rocket launchers, and maybe loopable rain/fire sounds as well), or does anyone have any sounds they personally created which I could possibly please use (free of charge)? =) I''ve found a few sites with good quality sounds, but I''ve got the feeling they''re been ripped from movies/games, and I don''t want to be busted for violating copyright even though my game is freeware. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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