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Collision Detection / Line of Sight ??

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Hi, Here the situation, i have a small engine that is capable of reading in data in the following structure D3DXVECTOR3 vL - location vector D3DXVECTOR3 vR - direction vector char* filetype - name of the object X file My question is this, A/ I was thinking of using octrees but every version/tutorial I know of uses polygon based input to create the tree. Does my using X files and their meshes exclude me from using octrees? If not, may I just use their rL(location vector) to determine which oct they are in? B/ If using their rL how do I get around a mesh that is very big? What I mean is a mesh center may be in a given oct but is actual mesh may cover more that one. C/ My main query is what would you suggest as a ( collision detection / line of sight / Object Selection for rendering ) structure? thanks

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