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asm please help

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Ok I downloaded masm32 and unzipped, now where's the asm compiler and how do make a project? Couldn't find it, is it qeditor.exe, so how do I start basicly? And is there a way to integrate it into msvc so I can write in-line c++ asm? Edited by - Xyan on December 25, 2001 11:49:11 AM

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Visual C++ comes with its own inline asm ... check the docs under __asm

if you want to write an external .asm you need to know 2 things... first how to pass arguments in asm (look up stuff on the stack) and second how to recieve them in C++ (check docs on extern)

if you want to know how to use masm... i think the cute little editor/compiler tool is masm.bat
I personally don''t use it... i (usually write inline... but for discussion...) compile by getting a DOS prompt and typing (i have a cute bat file to do all the option flags which i dont have here or memorized) assemble whatever.asm

my assemble.bat looks somthing like (man i hope i remember this right it has been a year)
masm %1 /t/p (no.... that doent look right... crap i guess just read the docs or hope someone posts a reply on what it really is.... merry Xmas!)

Brett Lynnes

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