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glhorizon demo ready for download

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only xp/2000?!? Aw man...

Alex Broadwin
A-Tronic Software & Design
"if you fail in life, you were destined to fail. If you suceed in life, call me."
"The answer is out there."
"Please help, I''m using Windows!"

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Played around, pretty cool

Stuff you probably already know:
The thrust only goes up to 100% no AB is shown.
I can go AB really far (just pressing + the engine keeps getting higher pitched... really cool sound tho !)
Is their stalling? I was able to cut thrust to 0 and put out airbrakes, pull nose up and float down at about 7knots.
More aircraft :D

You should submit some screenshots to flipcode IOTD

Black Hole Productions

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max621, thanks for your support.

Yes, i know AB is not showing up, thats a bug, and also stalling is not properly modelled, the formulas are there but aerodynamic coefficients (i.e. f22.cfg file) are not accurately tuned so it doesn''t occur. That''s another bug indeed !
As i wrote it is a very early demo, i know there are several bugs, i''ll fix them very soon. Thanks again for your time.



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