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gcc 3.0.x?

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I''m about to reinstall Redhat 7.2, and was wondering if I should install this compiler and what is the best way to do it. With or without 2.95? I did not install it on my first install cause I heard it broke some legacy code or something. I will be programming alot in C++ and the gcc website only says the 3.0.x line is performance enhanced, not unstable. Thoughts from anyone who has installed this? subnet_rx

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Sadly, a lot of ''older'' programs won''t compile with GCC 3.x (not because of GCC, but because their code is ''wrong''). I''d say to install both (and be careful not to mess with the libc++ libs and links).

GCC 3.x is enhanced and sometimes produces faster code (of course don''t expect a 200% improvement). It also takes longer to compile a project but, again, nothing unbearable.

IMHO, you should install both and compile everything with GCC 3.x, and only use 2.9x if a program is just completely broken (but in this case, the best would be to fix it to compile with GCC 3.x and submit a patch).

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