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Making games in Visual Basic

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Hey all, I just recently got a copy of Visual Basic 6.0 and I have been playing around with making applications. I was wondering if any of you could direct me to some resorces (tutorials) on making games in Visual Basic. I would like to start with something simple like pong or tetris... Thank you :-) -Mike

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Most books for this are actually fairly poor. Your best bet is some of the websites around... and they are free

www.vbexplorer.com - this one is general VB, but has a section on games

www.rookscape.com/vbgaming/ - this one is specifically about games. It has a very active message board too. - there is a proper url for this website, but I don''t know it . This site is called DirectX for VB, and basically it has a heap of tutorials covering many aspects of DirectX in VB.... 98 tutorials right now. But, before jumping into DirectX, I would recommend doing some stuff using the GDI (which is Windows'' graphics API), there are tutorials for this at the other 2 sites, although many don''t specify that it is GDI, so if you see the word BitBlt, then usually it means GDI

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