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DirectDraw in a window

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Just like Dr. Pepper in a can. Only DirectDraw instead of Dr. Pepper. And a window instead of a can. Okay, so I''m making a DirectDraw7 app, in non-exclusive, non-fullscreen mode, in a movable-resizable window. I wrote all the necessary code (read: a clipper) to keep the directdraw stuff inside my window, and not spill itself all over the desktop. And for the most port this works fine. However, a couple problems arise in certain situations: 1) If I move my window so that any portion of it is off the screen, the program update loop keeps updating variables, but the image in the window completely stops being displayed until I bring the whole window back into view. 2) If I move my window so that a portion of it is "under" the taskbar, but not off the screen, the window keeps updating, but it updates over the taskbar. This kind of makes sense, since I''m just haphazardly writing to video memory without first checking to see if a taskbar is in the way. But I can''t figure how to check for such a taskbar. Here''s how my program works, BTW: if deal with message else update data and directdraw image Any help on these matters would be appreciated. Oh, and also, if my incompetence hasn''t been made too visible yet, I have another problem. While I''m actually move the window, the program as well as the image in the window stop updating. It seems the update function just isn''t called during the movement time. I assume this has something to do with a constant attack of WM_MOVING messages. I tried explicitly checking for these in the message loop and bypassing them, but it didn''t seem to work. If anyone knows how to make the program continue updating while moving the window, that would be helpful. Thanks.

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