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Does anybody have "Graphics.h" ???

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Hi, does anybody have the C++ header file "graphics.h"? Lots of games use it, but I don''t have it.

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What OS/compiler are you using?

"graphics.h" was used as a header for graphics operations by many DOS compilers, including TurboC...

The code you''re looking at is likely old DOS code that won''t compile with newer Windows compilers..or, if it is Windows code, it may be relying on some third party API which includes a "graphics.h".

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I use Turbo C++, and the thing when using graphics.h with it is that you have to compile the program with the following command:
tcc progname.cpp graphics.lib
I think that''s correct.. otherwise use the tcc /? option, if that''s the compiler you''re using.
Be sure to have the appropriate display drivers (BGI files, usually found in c:\tc\bgi I think, or wherever you have your compiler installed) and also font files (.chr files, like trip.chr).

Hopefully it''s TurboC++ you''re talking about, otherwise this help might be useful for someone else.

//Int0h (Int0h@linux.nu)

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BGI - Borland Graphics Interface.
Graphics.h is the interface for BGI.

if you dont have a borland compiler, then you probably done have graphics.h/bgi files.

BGI is for DOS, and does use many things obsolete (ex: far) in windows32...i have seen ports of graphics.h for win32... though, im not sure where u can find em.

BGI really isnt that great anyways, being obsolete, and for dos and all. your better off writting your own graphics, or finding a different header.

A GREAT DOS GAME BOOK: "the back art of 3d game programming" by andre la mothe.
This is the shitz, completely for DOS, if you work in DOS, get it.

IF YOU DONT WORK IN DOS (VC++....is only for win32...!!!!)

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