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Color Depth Question in Direct X 8

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Okay I was wondering... for my 2D game in Direct X 8. I want to have some very nice lush looking backgrounds and graphics as does my artist. Now I''m at the point wondering what color depth to do it all in. I have noticed their is no 16 bit bitmap format and 8 bit is just not colorful enough for me... Should I use 16 bit and have my artist do all the work in 24 bit or will that lower the quality? Or should I set everything to 24 bit and let my artist work in 24 bit also. Will 24 bit be too much of a performance hit over 16 bit considering quality? - Jesse

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to make it short:
1.as far as bitmaps fit into your vidmem you will still get very good rendering times in 32bpp mode. dx8 uses 3d hardware to do all the rendering and a 2d game is mostly very simple comparing to engines like q3a. Therefore most 3d hardware accelerations will work great under 32bpp. But you should enable a 16bpp mode too for older hardware (esp. voodoo1,2,3 cards)
PCs tend to have a lot of hd/mem space, therefore you can make all graphics 24/32bpp and modify it while loading to needed format (16/32bpp) depending on yuor rendering mode.
On 3d hardware 16bpp mode doesn''t look very good. There is a big quality drop between 32 and 16bpp mode.

Hope it helps

With best regards,
Mirek Czerwiñski

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Now that Direct X 8 is out will games I write using Direct Draw work? I have a book on Direct X 8 that uses Direct Draw even though I have heard it has been erased. Even if I can use Direct Draw in DX8 will it run fast for my 2D games that I make? This is quite important as I am not quite sure what to do now... Direct Draw or .... hm....

Thanks if you can help
- Jesse

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