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OpenGL OpenGL in Visual Basic...

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OK, I''m writing a game engine, but I''m getting sick of having to manually hard code all my objects, then compile them into a *.map file. I could use something else to create the objects (milkshape3D is quite good, I''ve heard). However, I would like to create a map-making system like Valve''s Worldcraft or ID Software''s q3radiant. Now, you''re probably reading this thinking I''m a madman. But I''m not. Really. I have a certificate to prove it. I don''t want a massively complex system, exactly like the above programs, just something competant enough to create simple things like walls. But, I have a problem... I don''t know how to create multi-paned child windows in an MDI window in Win32, using MFC or not, and further more, I don''t care (I''m a games programmer). I want to use Visual Basic, because I know it in a great amount of detail, as it was the first programming language I learnt before moving on to C. I also want to use OpenGL. I know OpenGL can be used in VB, but I don''t know how. Can anyone fill me in? I went to MSDN, but they''ve redesigned their site, and I can''t find the "OpenGL in Visual Basic" topics any more. Any help will be greatly appreciated... iNsAn1tY - the place where imagination and the real world merge... Try http://uk.geocities.com/mentalmantle

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From memory, the nehe tutorials have VB source at the bottom of most of them.

Also, have a look for Patrice Scribe''s website, I''m not sure where it is, but it is at some French domain... chez or something like that

voodoovb.thenexus.bc.ca also has a few opengl things, except currently, it is down... probably will be back in a few days or less though.

Not sure about the form bit though, I never bother with those controls anymore... I code them myself

Trying is the first step towards failure.

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