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TI-89 Developement with TI-GCC

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Well, I have just started to develope software for my TI-89 with TI-GCC. Question: Who has a TI-89 and developes for it? Also, if you develope for your TI-89, do you use TI-GCC or the Texax Instrument TI-89 SDK? I find TI-GCC very nice. Not only can you develope in C, but you can also use it''s inline assembler, or just use the sand alone A68k assembler. I don''t know if anyone here developes for their TI-89, let alone has one. Anyone with TIGCC, I have a question. I would like to know if there is a TI-89 developer base here at Gamedev.net. If you do, can you please respond. The TI-89''s TI-89 Advanced Mathematics Operating System is real nice. Anyway, if you want more information on TI-GCC, just post back. Now, anyone with TI-GCC, I would like to know some things. First of all, can you explain to me what exactly TI-89 kernel based(DoorsOS) developement is, and how it differs from non-kernel based(NoSTUB) developement? One more Question. I also have a PALM IIIxe, and I believe that it also has a Motorola processor on the 68k architechture. I was wondering, since TI-GCC comes with a A68k assembler, can I use it to assemble programs for my PALM III xe also? Probably not, but just wondering. Codewarrior for PALM OS cost too much for me right now. Edem Attiogbe

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TI-GCC specifically can compile excecutables for both the TI-89 and the TI-92+ Advanced Mathematics Operating Systems using C. The assemblers assemble software for the 68k processors found in both the TI-89 and the TI-92+. Not sure about the TI-92. It should be ok, though. For information on TI-GCC, go to http://www.technoplaza.net and also http://tigcc.ticalc.org. Texas Instruments has a separate SDK for the TI-89, and I believe also the TI-92+. Go to http://education.ti.com for more info. Also, another good developer recource is http://www.ticalc.org.

Edem Attiogbe

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