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How to create and load a map

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You can''t open a file in OpenGL. However, using C''s f* functions (fopen, fclose, fread, fwrite, etc), you can create maps, and load them into your OpenGL programs. Your map may be as simple as a list of vertices, or a whole, well-thoughtout system, complete with vertex and normal arrays...

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not opengl related but it depends on what u want personally i prefer ascii text files. eg for pacman ild do something light

X..XXX.....X...X etc


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OpenGL draws stuff. Period. What you tell it to draw each frame is up to your program.

You can use either the C file manipulation functions like iNsAn1tY said or the C++ fstream ones to read from files. Either way, all you''re doing is interpreting a file to be whatever you want, and then storing it in memory however you want, and then sending it off to OpenGL in the form of vertex arrays, glVertex3f() calls, or whatever other way you want.

A simple file format might be an ASCII text file, where it''s just a whole bunch of numbers. Each group of three could be a vertex, and each group of three verteces (or 9 numbers) could be a triangle.

I strongly recommend that you experiment with file IO functions using the console before trying to load models into OpenGL.

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