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Bit Depths and Resolutions & Refresh rates

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Had a few quick questions about the EnumerateDrivers function in DevDlg.C and a few other init questions. Sorry for these, but working off examples at the moment, so trying to get a better handle on everything. This function does not populate the PR_VideoModes section of PR_Globals with Width, Height, Refresh information. I added an area that checks for only 640x480 or higher in the FAILED check using DisplayMode.Width and DisplayMode.Height. I am storing information I am gathering the PR_Globals.PR_VideModes structure, I assume this is fine to do, since each device gets examined in realtime when you run EnumerateDrivers? - Is there anywhere I can get the Bitdepth for each of these modes? (Note: This is so I can display available resolutions and Bitdepths to a user during setup to choose from but not each time they run the application.) - Also is the refresh rate available here anywhere in that same EnumerateDrivers function? - In the DevDlgProc function you have a checkbox "UseAGP" this however is no longer in the dialog box? is it automatically set by the code now? - The PR_SetMode function takes a Width, Height, Refresh rate, but does not take a BitDepth parameter, is this setup somewhere else? Again, sorry for the mundane questions, just trying to get a whole understanding. Im sure I will have more about where Mipamp etc gets setup. Thanks, Chris Eisnaugle

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CEisnaugle this is an answer to the absence of no check boxes. You find what your looking for in the PRSET.H file.

TO set to 32 Bits in your program add the statement:

PR_Settings.Use32Bit = 1; set it to one enables 32 Bit depth in your program.

The other setings are:

PR_Settings.UseWindowed = 1; if you want just a window as opposed to going full screen.

PR_Settings.UseAGP = 1;
PR_Settings.UseTrilinearFiltering = 1;
PR_Settings.UseTripleBuffering = 1;
PR_Settings.EnableLogging = 1; this creates a log file PR.Log usually for trouble shooting a problem.

You can learn a lot by looking in each of the header files.


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