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Hello. I have a problem. I have a camera and an object in space. For both I know their world transformation matrix. I would like to have a wing commander style radar. I tried this, but... Basically I am looking for somekind of function like VECTOR2D vec=Point(D3DXMATRIX camera,D3DXMATRIX ship); Radar Any help would be great! Ivan //drawing radar IDirect3DTexture8 * text=radar->GetTexture(); D3DLOCKED_RECT rect; text->LockRect(0,&rect,NULL,0); WORD* pPixel = (WORD*)rect.pBits; for( WORD j=0; j<100; j++ ) { for( WORD i=0; i<100; i++ ) { *(pPixel+(256*j+i)) = 0x832A; } //(pPixel)+=(256-100); } m_Camera->ComputeWorldMatrix(); D3DXMATRIX mat=m_Camera->GetWorldMatrix(); D3DXVECTOR3 vec; vec.x=-m_Camera->GetPosition().x; vec.y=-m_Camera->GetPosition().y; vec.z=-m_Camera->GetPosition().z; D3DXMATRIX tran; D3DXMATRIX mat1; D3DXMatrixTranslation(&tran,vec.x,vec.z,vec.z); mat=mat*tran; D3DXMatrixInverse(&mat1,NULL,&mat); //D3DXMATRIX mat; //m_Camera->ComputeViewMatrix(mat); //D3DXMATRIX mat1; //m_Camera->ComputeViewMatrix(mat1); for (Iterator * itr=ships->getIterator();itr->hasNext() { CObject * tmp=(CObject *) itr->getNext(); D3DXMATRIX mtr2=tmp->GetWorldMatrix(); //D3DXMatrixLookAtLH(&mtr,&(m_Camera->GetPosition()),&(tmp->GetPosition()),&(m_Camera->m_vy)); D3DXMATRIX mtr=mtr2*tran*mat1; //mtr*=mat1; float x=mtr(3,0); float y=mtr(3,1); float z=mtr(3,2); float y1=atan2f(y,z); y1*=50.0f; y1/=3.14f; y1+=50; float x1=atan2f(x,z); x1*=50.0f; x1/=3.14f; x1+=50; *(pPixel+((int)y1)*256+((int)x1))=0xFFFF; //m_pd3dDevice->SetTransform(D3DTS_WORLD, &tmp->GetWorldMatrix()); //tmp->Draw(m_pd3dDevice); } text->UnlockRect(0); radar->Draw(m_pd3dDevice,NULL,350,400);

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