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Tutorial 6 won't compile in VC++ 4

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I guess I''m kind of asking for trouble using Visual C++ 4, but it runs on my rubbish laptop whereas VC6 won''t. Anyways, I''ve gone through all of NeHe''s excellent tutorials so far up to the one on texturing without any problems (tutorial 6). Everything worked fine with his code with the addition of #define bool BOOL to the start of the basecode. However, upon compiling tutorial 6, I get the following errors... ''glGenTextures'' : undeclared identifier ''glBindTexture'' : undeclared identifier I had a check through the gl header files that came with VC++ and couldn''t find any mention of glGenTextures or glBindTexture there. I tried it with my own code, then compiled NeHe''s example code and still got the same error messages. I think that it probably has something to do with the massively outdated version of OpenGL that is included with VC4. Does anyone know where I could obtain the libraries and header files that I would need to use a newer version of OpenGL with VC4? Would I be able to transfer the GL header files from VC6 into the libraries folder without problems? All help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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You should have no problem swaping them from VC6 to VC4

Just make backups incase there is a problem.

And remember to move all the .h .lib .dll files.

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