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Collision-Detection woes, once and for all...

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This does it. I do not want theory, or math, or anything extra. I just want collision-detection CODE (in C++, C, or Visual Basic), for these 2 detection tests. RAY-SPHERE RAY-TRIANGLE All objects are in 3 dimensions, {x,y,z}. A ray is an infinite line, which''s vector is described using the positional vector{xOrigin,yOrigin,zOrigin} and the normalized directional vector {xSlope,ySlope,zSlope}. A triangle is a list of 3 {x,y,z} co-ordinates. A sphere is a {xCenter,yCenter,zCenter} co-ordinate and a radius. Assume all values are 32-bit floating-point variables (aka float, aka Single). If whosoever posts a reply so desires, they may put theory and math in comments. Also, if one uses a different system for describing any of the three objects I have described, said one should describe how the object is described, in precise and technical detail. *sighs* *calms down a bit* Please?

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