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Converting stings into arrays

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Well snice i was more into python, i made a little hack i guess converting strings into intergers, but it was easy becuase python is not huge and all of its docs are easy to read. Here is something that I used in my game i made in python, it is supose to read map data i made in a file, only problem is I have no idea how to do this is c++ (this codes works too): import os import sys mapdat= [] open_file = open(''Map.dat'', ''r'') read_file = read(open_file) x = 0 lines = len(open(read_file).readlines()) #Forgot why i put this #here supose to read the number of line in Map.dat used for while while x < lines: # Comment: Should have use a for statement. read = open_file.readline() ev = eval(read) #Converts string into mapdat.append(ev) x += 1 print lines Anyways I am having problems with ev = eval(read), becuase i dont know how to convert strings into not numbers but arrays (took me about 3 mins finally to figure out that name LOL). Yeah soo can anyone help?

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