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Re Kaioh

Problem drawing trasparent particles

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Hi, i have a problem drawing particles with transparency. I create a quad which always faces the camera, then i enable blending with: glEnable(GL_BLEND); glBlendFunc(GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE); Even if i use a 32bit texture with the alpha channel which is totaly black in the borders, when i render these particles they aren''t trasparent at all, but some times i can see the border. Here you can see the result: http://www.danteworkshop.f2s.com/particles.jpg More over i''ve noticed that if i disable the depth test, when i render the particles are rendered perfectly, but of course, this has no sense and i need the depth test Thanks for any help.

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is dithering enabled?
also watchoug if u are using mipmaps the highest resolution''s borders might be transparent but lower resolutions mightnt be


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The problem is that with the z buffer on, particles drawn first are blocking out those drawn afterwards if they are in front - the z buffer test comes before any blending, so if you try to draw a particle on top of one thats in front of the new one, it wont get a chance to get blended in.
A few possible solutions that come to mind:

1. If OpenGL provides it, you want to turn off writes to the z-buffer when you render your particles, then turn it on again afterwards. You leave z-buffering itself on, so your particles wont get drawn behind other stuff youve already drawn, but dont write to the z buffer so the particles wont block each other out.

2. If it doesnt have this option, you could always sort your particles by z distance, then render them back to front.

3. One other possibility is to set the range of values open gl writes into the z buffer to be zero size, for example the range 0.0 to 0.0. This way all particles will get rendered with the same z value, 0.0, and if your depth test is set to Less than or equal, your particles should all get drawn. Again, I''m not sure if OpenGL supports this either.

good luck

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