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Question about development of Final Fantasy X and Square's budget

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What makes Square''s budget so high? Is it because they have to hire so many workers to create Final Fantasy X? Or is it because they have to buy many tools for creating complex graphics, code, etc, such as Maya? Or is it the development tools for the PSX or PS2? Or is it something else? Please explain Also, would it be realistic to say that I could get Final Fantasy X type graphics, in quality, on the computer. What language would I Need to know to create such a wonderful engine? Thanks, guys. I am looking to code for the PC.

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Forgot to mention: Instead of creating an engine from scratch, is there a 3D RPG Engine that is alot like Final Fantasy X? If not, I will be forced to make it myself.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
The budget is high because they need to pay their music composer, their artists, their animators, their programmers, etc..

You''re not going to make FFX all by yourself, and like everyone else who comes through here asking about making an rpg, you''re going to quit when you realise that it takes actual work to make a game, and it can''t be done over the weekened.

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I feel that you are falsely accusing me. I know that will it will take the hard work off tons of people to pull off a project like this. And I know it won''t take a weekend. FFX took over 3 years to make.

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Budget includes:

- devkit for each programmer, and some for artists ~£10k each
- up to date PC for each programmer ~£1k+ each
- high end machines for artists ~£2k+ each
- compiler etc for programmers ~£600 each
- tools for artists (3DS Max/Maya + Photoshop etc) ~£5k each
- wages for all development staff and support staff (receptionists, cleaners etc...)
- rent etc for office space
- internet connection costs
- taxes etc
- consumables etc

Many of the tools and software get upgraded when a new project starts so is usually a contributing part of the budget.
Up to a third of the budget goes on tax and other money involved in running a company.


Almost certainly C or C++ (many Japanese developers tend to favour C over C++ though). With assembly language for the PS2 vector unit code. For the PS1, the GTE transform, clip, light & OT submit code would be assembly language.

Forgot to mention the tools:

For PSX and PS2 development usually either SN Systems Pro-DG or Metrowerks CodeWarrior. The devkit also comes with a version of GNU GCC, but usually one of the others are used. If the programmers are used to PC or are doing cross platform versions with PC or Xbox, MS Visual Studio is often also used (Pro-DG can integrate with it so that you can use the same IDE and project setup).

Simon O'Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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