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hmm..why doesn't this work?

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#include #include int main() { textcolor(RED); cout<<"shit!....."; getch(); return 0; } OR #include #include int main() { textcolor(RED); printf ("DOH!"); getch(); return 0; } and what exactly does printf do??

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Just a few things.

setcolor() doesn''t affect on cout so you can''t use it.

setcolor() doesn''t affect on printf() so you can''t use it either.
(and printf is just a function to print some text)

And if you want your colored text, you use cprintf() function.

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what does not work?

oh, and what printf does is simple.. take a look at sprintf

sprintf takes a destination-buffer,a inputbuffer and extraparameters.

now for what? the inputbuffer is a string with a specific format, means with stuff like %i or %s or %f in, and in the extraparameters you can replace the %i ... stuff with those values. printed is the resulting string in the destination-buffer.


char output[256];
char input[] = "The Value of My Integer: %i\n";
int my_integer = 10;

now output is "The Value of My Integer: 10\n"; with \n representing a new-line

means putting this onto screen results in this:

The Value of My Integer: 10


now what does printf do? the same, except it prints the formated text not in a user-defined buffer (here ''output'') but on the screen (-buffer.. yeah, its a buffer itself, the screen).

thats it..

printf("Print out value of an int:%i or of a float:%f or another text %s or a letter %c\n\n",an_int,a_float,a_text);

if you have this code:

printf("Hello World\n");
Hello World


hope this helped a little.. for all those %i %f etc and the \n \b \t etc please look in some helpfiles or such stuff.. msdn-library is a huge resource for example

we wanna play, not watch the pictures

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thx alot =)

but do you think you can modify my code above so it can actually output colored letters and a colored background?

and do any of you know how to change the program so it runs on a windows interface window instead of DOS?

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You can use this to change the background color:

For letters, you simply do this: cprintf("a");

And you need only "<"conio.h">" in your project.

Edited by - MindFlayer on December 31, 2001 9:51:57 AM

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