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good C beginners book

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I suggest you look for C tutorials in www.google.com, I mean, nothing really replaces a good book, but all I''ve learned about C was reading online tutorials and I know enough to write nice programs and stuff...

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Hmmm. Difficult one, this. Usually, I''d recommend to someone that they learn an easier language first, like Visual Basic (Beginner''s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), or something like that.

But if you want to jump straight into C, make sure you have at least a decent understanding of how computer systems work. You know, bits, bytes, how stuff is stored in memory, that kind of thing...

And get "C For Dummies, Vols I and II", by Dan Gookin. It''s a great introduction to programming in C, and although it''s a bit slow if you''re already adept at programming, it''s very good.

If you really want to flog yourself, get "The C Programming Language", by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan, the two blokes from Bell Labs who actually wrote C. It will teach you how to program in C, but has nothing on style, or programming technique. But it wasn''t designed to have.

Hope that helps...

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