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float to byte array?

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What would you like in those bytes?

The x86 op code fbstp will convert a floating point type into an array of packed BCDs.

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bleh...i was hoping to be able to do it without asm...what im used to doing with integers is to just shift the bits and put it into a byte. since you cant do this with a float, im trying to find a way.

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Example 1:
union {
float F;
int I;
} MyIntFloat;

Whatever you set F to, I shares the same memory, so you can treat it like an integer. You could also do "unsigned char B[4];" instead of the integer (remember that x86 CPU''s are little endian). Example 2:
float F;
int I = *((int *)&F);

I now equals the data within F. There are more methods, but they aren''t as good as those two.

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what are you trying to do this for? you can do this without asm. just look up the IEEE spec for floats and doubles. its just a matter of following the spec. you can use arrays.

example PSEUDO code:

unsigned char floatArray[sizeof(float)];
float theFloat;

// now you can manipulate by:

memcpy(floatArray, &theFloat, sizeof(float));
// or if you are brave use type casting (a bit messy)

((unsigned char *)(&theFloat))[idx];

just remeber floating point numbers have a format to follow. so make sure you look it up. it owuld be best to explain what you need this for.

you can do the same with doubles

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