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Communication between my program and a server. Help!

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I am trying to write a program that will basically let people upload and manage their documents/text files on a "server" (or other form of online medium) through use of the program. Basically, I am going to try and implement an account feature, you create a screenname, and are then permitted to upload any text documents (or any other file of that nature..no executables, for instance) to a central area. Then other users can browse around the directory and view what you''ve uploaded, etc. You could think of it as a BBS through use of a program, I guess. My problem is, I really know nothing when it comes to online communication/sockets/what have you. What would you guys suggest I go about approaching this idea? Where can I read up on things pertaining to what i want to do (nothing too complex or broad..I''m looking more for specifics). Also, what do you think would be the best way to store the files the people upload? I was thinking of maybe implementing some sort of script on a webpage to manage it all, but thus, I have no idea how to. Anyway, you guys have any pointers for me? Btw, I will be programming this in either MFC or Visual Basic (whichever..I''m equally fluent in both).

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Guest Anonymous Poster
MFC is a programming language ??

You are trying to write your own ftp software ....
The only difference between your idea and a ftp server are the file type restrictions.

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If you''re using MFC I think the class you''d use is CAsnycSocket, or something close to that... Not sure about VB, but apparently winsock is easier to use in that.

I''ve been looking at doing something in winsock for a while, but haven''t done much more than a simple class, you should be able to find it off my site at http://bit.sit.ac.nz/torvalds/andrew/framemain.htm

Looking up the class I gave you at the start should lead you to everything else on MSDN eventually, you might find http://www.sockets.com to be worth taking a look at, although I''m not sure if they provide MFC stuff...

If ya need anymore help, send an email or ICQ message my way as I don''t browse these forums more than a look at the latest posts...

Faradhi Sobriet-Treves
Press to test... *click* Release to detonate...

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