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Okay, so I''m not used to Microsoft VC++, but I''ve decided to start working on my first DirectX game, and the compiler I normally use (Dev-C++) probably isn''t the greatest thing to do that with, right? Based on that, I''m willing to give in and start using the industry standard, just so I can actually get something running. I''ve got code (the details of which shouldn''t matter because, it''s just a template with a little bit of bitmap drawing code). Basically, I just want to draw something to my window, and I need DirectDraw to do it. As far as I can figure - and I haven''t done that much playing around with it - I need to open a new workspace for a Win32 application and put my code in there. Done. Now, I need the DirectDraw libraries, or at least some header files, right? I''ve tried including those (ddraw.h and ddraw.lib) and each time I come up with: game.cpp(65) : error C2065: ''LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE4'' : undeclared identifier game.cpp(65) : error C2146: syntax error : missing '')'' before identifier ''lpdds'' game.cpp(65) : error C2059: syntax error : '')'' game.cpp(85) : error C2146: syntax error : missing '';'' before identifier ''lpdd4'' game.cpp(85) : error C2501: ''LPDIRECTDRAW4'' : missing storage-class or type specifiers game.cpp(85) : fatal error C1004: unexpected end of file found Error executing cl.exe. Seeing as those errors are all associated with DDraw objects, I''m guessing it''s because I''m missing something. What can I do? // chimaera

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First, did you link the library, ddraw.lib and dxguid.lib. I had trouble doing this with devc++ so i got vc++ intro version and then pro version. Introductory version is free, just ask for it. If you already linked the libraries, did you include the direct draw header file?
#include "ddraw.h"

Also, make sure your directories are set to the c:/mssdk/include/ and the same for the lib with /lib/ instead of /include/. That should do it. Devc++ gave me a lot of trouble when it came to directx. VC++ isn''t much differenct than devc++, I''d check it out.

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