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Importing C functions and variables into a C++ dll

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Hi, I need some dll C/C++ windows experts here... Ok, here I go. My game is developed using PowerRender(http://www.powerrender.com) which is actually composed of several C static libraries. I want to get a OOP approach of my game (I actually need it for a SDK kind of game) so I went to C++ and Dll programming. So, I now have the following workspace : 1/ a win32 project 2/ a dll project that wraps PowerRender Libraries. The only problem I am getting is that PowerRender needs to get several variables that are on the win32 project (do not ask me why it is that way, it just is and you can''t get through). Let''s imagine the function I want to call from my win32 project is : void MyFunc(char* name). I tried several calls inside my dll : extern "C" void MyFunc(char* name); or __declspec(dllimport) void MyFunc(char* name) or extern "C" __declspec(dllimport) void MyFunc(char* name) noone of these calls worked... Would you give an hand ?;.. Thanks, Amadrias France

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As you already know, the following tells the DLL to *IMPORT* the symbol called MyFunc:

extern "C" __declspec(dllimport) void MyFunc(char* name)

The problem is, nothing is *EXPORTED* from your .exe!. Declare the function in the .exe (the Win32 project) as dllexport. Otherwise, when the DLL is loaded it''s looking for the symbol called MyFunc, but doesn''t know where to get it from.

You may still have problems with this though - a .DLL which needs to import symbols from a .EXE is very strange and very badly designed. I''m sure there''ll be another way.

A useful tool to see which symbols are imported and exported from DLLs and EXEs is "Dependency Walker". In MSVC you''ll find it called "Depends" under "Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Tools" in the MSVC program group from the Start menu.

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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