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Problem w/ GetAsyncKeyState() and VK_x

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Ok, I know there are many of you out there who can answer this, so if you would mind throwin down the answer, it''d be a great help... I am trying to do some stuff w/ GetAsyncKeyState(), but VK_0-9 and VK_A-Z aren''t working. Now, I know I could use WM_CHAR or KEYDOWN through WinProc(), but for one thing, I don''t want to go through windows, and for another thing, WM_KEYx messages are no good for multiple key presses. I looked up the virtual key codes on MSDN and it says VK_A-Z and VK_0-9 exist. I also tried the numbers next to them (for example, instead of VK_P you would use the constant 50), and that compiled, but it didn''t work. How do I use 0-9 and A-Z in GetAsyn...()???? Thanks... Misterags™

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