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how can i do a shareware?

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Johnny Watson    508
There are a few ways to make a shareware game. You can go through ShareIt, which will merely process your orders, or, who will process orders and promote your game. If you go through ShareIt, you''ll have to password protect the full version of your game in some way. Have it so if the user doesn''t enter the password, he''ll only be able to play a fraction of the game (like, one level).

Johnny Watson
Owner/Main Programmer Vigasotech, Inc.

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bluecoffee    122
thanks for Johnny Watson.

I am a chinese and a leader of a group which is internationalized share software we do not know much about things in US, we need your help. It is technically sure that we can develope very good software.
and we are looking forward the exchange with the programers all over the world

my email:

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