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DirectX Wrapper/Engine

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Hi, I''m currently creating an engine/wrapper for DX 8.x in Visual C++ 6. This is mainly for my use when I create a game, which I''ve been planning for a while now and then I will use it in following projects. I would also like to publically release it, when I''ve finished (and maybe the source), just to try and pay my way a bit after all the free tutorials and samples I''ve used in my initial learning phase. The main question is todo with the method of distribution of the engine. I''m not sure whether to have it as a DLL or as a C++ library file, or an ActiveX component. I don''t know much about ActiveX, but it sounds interesting, as I''m interested in also providing the engine for use with not only C++ but maybe VB as well. I would like someone to explain to me how I would go about making it available to VB users, would I use ActiveX? Or a type-library? I''m not sure how to do either of those, so some web pointers would also be nice. Thanks and happy new year, Richard Hayden.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
You already have enough to worry about, mainly finishing the project, don''t think that far ahead. If you''re creating a wrapper for the DirecX, you can always move from the exe and into a dll, but I have 2 phrases...

"Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS)"
But when making a wrapper or making your code reusable, it''s not so simple...

"Just do it" - NIKE
Most game''s never get finished due to complexity, time, money, or even lack of interest. Make sure you''re setting milestones at various stages in your project and are developing something you really like.

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