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How to contact publisher

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I''ve read before that u should contact any publisher to publish or support your game, but, as I''ve seek into any publisher''s site, there aren''t any information on how to make contacts with them regarding this subject. Can somebody give me an information how to do this ??

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Most publishers have submission guideline on their websites. You could give a try to Godgames, they explained perfectly how to submit your plan, NDA, etc. Another thing that is good to have that kind of info, is that you call the company directly. Or you can get informed to see if there is not sub-publisher to the big publisher one (ie.: infogrames has a lot of sub-publishers). Most of time, the sub-publishers has their own submission guidelines so thats why if you look on the BIG BOSS most of time you dont even have good contact info. Like on the Nintendo website (if its still like it was).

Another thing you can do is to ask a company that places game with publishers, you are giving them your demo and if they feel that the thing is commercially good then they could refer the game to publishers. They are doing everything like they are dealing the royalties, dealing the necessary funding, etc. But they are taking a % of the royalties or of the funding they get you. Its normal because its the way they make money, and game development business is all about money.

Here''s some website you could look at : (not sure)

Just do a search in google under agents or publishers and Im sure youll find more.

Hope it helps.

What is a better quote than this : "blank".

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Original post by Supremes (not sure)

Those are actually called game "agents". And as Supremes mentions, publishers actually strongly suggest that you contact them through an agent rather than directly. The agent serves as a filter to match a studio/game concept up with a publisher. You don't have to pay the agent anything until a contract is signed with a publisher. Their deals are usually a percentage of development costs, not royalties, since they want to get paid even if a game never makes a profit/royalties.

Octagon and Game Producer are really one and the same company, located 20 miles from me in Chapel Hill, NC. Gameproducer was an online venture that actually no longer works as an agent for game studios/developers. Octagon is the continuing game agent side of the business.

Octagon is not one of the more exclusive agents, but it is probably relatively easy to work with them (because they may not be as picky about who they work for as the more exclusive agents). Another agency that should be easy to work with is R.E.D. (Representing Entertainers and Developers). Their web site is:

R.E.D. is associated with the game industry recruiting company, I've worked with both companies. They are both fairly aggressive, which can be a good thing. I don't have a tremendously good feeling about Octagon, although I've never talked to them so I don't really know anything about them.

Graham Rhodes
Senior Scientist
Applied Research Associates, Inc.

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