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Andrew Nguyen

Dynamic Variables

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I''m thinking, is there a Dynamic Varible available? No.was the answer. Now, I have to say, they are useful. What is a dynamic variable you may ask, well, if i said: dynamic int a and a = (c/b), then if c and b bothe equaled 5, a would be 0 now, the computer only processess that once, but what if b or c changed? Well, with a dynamic variable, a would be constantly recalculated if b or c were constantly recalculated too.

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Original post by barazor
sounds alot like references
int &a = (c/b);
would work...not sure though

Blahh.. Maybe! I've got to test this out!

Edited by - MindFlayer on December 31, 2001 4:47:27 PM

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Maybe the only viable solution so far is Martee''s #define?

Your class would need to create a thread and periodically poll the values of variables it was assigned to monitor - useless overhead. If the variable was a symbolic alias (meaning that it was replaced by the actual values at compile time), then it would work but would introduce some new problems.

I think it''s easier to simply notify any "watcher" variables whenever code modifies a variable''s value.

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Thanks to Kylotan for the idea!

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