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Direct3D8, hardware caps

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Lifepower    136
Greetz everyone and HNY. Is there a way in D3D8 to see how much VIDEO MEMORY the given adapter has and how much is free? I''ve been looking through SDK and it doesn''t seem to have any information ''bout that and it''s not returned in GetDeviceCaps. If D3D8 doesn''t provide that information, what are my alternatives? Thanx Lifepower

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S1CA    1418

Although D3D deliberately rounds the amount - it should only ever be used as a rough guide to decide whether to use high detail textures for example.

It''s not as simple as "how much free video memory is there" - some graphics cards such as the old 3Dfx ones have separate memory for textures, different to the memory for the frame buffer. Also you can''t use the figure to calculate how many surfaces you can create since video card drivers often need special alignment etc so a surface in video memory could take much more than simpy width*height*bytesperpixel

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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